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How to SSH into my VM

It is sometimes (always?) useful to SSH into your VMs. To do so, the following steps are required. This how-to assumes that the user is using a Linux-based machine. If you are using Windows, please consider reading this how-to.

Edit your ~/.ssh/config file and add the following:

       Host VM_IP
                IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
                ProxyCommand ssh trampoline@clusterinfo.unineuchatel.ch -W "%h:%p"


  • VM_IP:  is the IP of the virtual machine that you want to SSH into.
  • the file ~/.ssh/id_rsa should point to the private key associated to the public key that you sent with your request to obtain username/passwords

If everything is configured correctly, you can now SSH into your VM by issuing the command:

ssh username_in_vm@VM_IP 

Beware that:

  • The username_in_vm is not the username you use to log into OpenNebula
  • The username_in_vm is specific of the VM that you are SSH into, that you you should know beforehand

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