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How to SSH into my VMs from Windows

The contents of this how-to have been contributed by Dr. Patrick Marlier and Dr. Anita Sobe

  1. Download putty from http://www.putty.org
  2. Use puttygen to convert your ssh key file to a ssh keyfile that
    putty understands.
  3. Start putty
  4. Session -> Host Name -> the_hostname_you_login_into
  5. Connection -> Data -> Login details -> Auto-login username -> your_username_here 
  6. Connection -> Proxy -> Proxy type -> Local
  7. Connection -> Proxy -> Proxy hostname -> clusterinfo.unineuchatel.ch
  8. Connection -> Proxy -> Username -> trampoline
  9. Connection -> Proxy -> Telnet command or local proxy command
    plink %user@%proxyhost -i unine.ppk  -nc %host:%port n
    unine.ppk is the filename of my ssh key
    plink is in the same directoy as putty.exe
  10. Connection -> SSH -> Auth -> Private key file for authentification:
    Browse to your private ssh key file (if your internal machine is using
    ssh key based authentification).

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